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Closely Coupled: Solar Activity and Sea Level

Posted by picard578 on July 4, 2017

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by David Archibald

From a post a couple of days ago: “an F10.7 flux above 100 causes warming and below that level causes cooling.” Greg asked “Can you prove that?” I already had in this WUWT post from 2012. But it is worth revisiting the subject because it answers the big question – If all the energy that stops the Earth from looking like Pluto comes from the Sun, what is the solar activity level that corresponds to our average climate? Because solar activity is falling and climate will follow.

As Nir Shaviv observed, the oceans are a big calorimeter. First, proof of concept comes from a much smaller body of water: Lake Victoria in East Africa. Back in the 1920s it was realised that the level of Lake Victoria went up and down with the solar cycle. Then the relationship broke down in the…

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Higher taxes lead to more jobs

Posted by picard578 on May 29, 2016

Systemic Disorder

Make it harder for people to retain a job, and fewer people will. Adequate pay that makes a job worthwhile is one factor, but frequently overlooked are support structures that facilitate employment.

Contrary to orthodox economic ideology, punishing people does not increase employment.

Countries that provide more subsidies toward services that are complementary to work — such as child care, elder care and transportation — have higher workforce participation rates. This shouldn’t be surprising as we don’t leave the rest of our lives behind when we go to our jobs, however much bosses insist we should. Such a finding can only be controversial in a world dominated by ideologies that insist that conditions be made as harsh as possible to “force” people to work.

Alas, such a world is the one most of us live in, particularly in the English-speaking advanced capitalist countries. I have often noticed that the thinking…

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Paris attacks, TTIP, ISIS and death of democracy

Posted by picard578 on January 17, 2016

Defense Issues

TTIP is a free trade agreement that is being pushed by the United States and onto the EU. It would allow US corporations complete and unrestricted access to European markets, while denying European corporations access to US market. TTIP, and CETA, will allow all public services to be privatized. TTIP was written by the corporations, and as such it is optimized for them – giving them rights, removing obligations and destroying economic democracy and democracy in general. It is also said to liberalize one-third of global trade, which is the reason why large corporations are supporting it.

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Exclusive Interview #2: Former SeaWorld trainer Carol Ray talks orca safety & separation with T.O.P.

Posted by picard578 on September 26, 2015

Just one of reasons why orca captivity is wrong.

The Orca Project

On August 23, 2010 CNN’s Brian Todd reported on the results of a government investigation into orca trainer Dawn Brancheaus’ death at SeaWorld in February. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Tilikum had known aggressive tendencies, and SeaWorld was fined $75,000 for a willful safety violation for not recognizing hazards that could cause death. SeaWorld disagreed saying OSHA’s investigation shows a fundamental lack of understanding of whale safety. But former SeaWorld orca trainer Carol Ray believes the only way to keep a trainer safe is if they keep their distance and no longer go in the water. “I think that a trainer getting in the water with those whales is just a recipe for disaster” says Ray.

Today, Carol Ray joins The Orca Project for an Exclusive Interview to discuss orca trainer safety, her time at SeaWorld Orlando and her experiences of viewing wild orcas in the…

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MIT Gangsters Rule

Posted by picard578 on July 31, 2015

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Goodbye, Chicago boys. Hello, M.I.T. gang.”

Who says this? No less than Paul Krugman (himself with a PhD from MIT), in a New York Times editorial “The MIT Gang“. I will get back to the murder-friendly attitude of Krugman, who not only extols the MIT influence as a good thing, but moreover glosses over the nefarious influence of American trained economists, “The Chicago Boys“, in destroying democracy. And not just democracy. The role of economic ideology from the American plutocratic universities was so nefarious that tens of thousands were outright assassinated, so that Chicago economics could be implemented. Bad economics is bad in all ways, including the most murderous ones. Not only Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and the Khemr Rouge had murderous economics. Arguably, present day economics may be even more lethal.

MIT Economics Favors Plutocracy (=Pluto Power) MIT Economics Favors Plutocracy (=Pluto Power)

After 2008, the MIT gangsters Krugman effrontly lauds…

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Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

Posted by picard578 on April 4, 2015


AngelicView: This is an excerpt from the book “Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet; The Life, The Prophecies, and the Readings of the World’s most Famous Mystic“, published freely on the web here.

“At Last, Atlantis”

Just as man has gazed fascinated into the sea, atavistically peering into his past, so has he engaged in a restless quest for Atlantis. In the ocean, said naturalist Rachel Carson, he found from whence he had sprung, and in Atlantis, a dream of a superior culture, prefacing the brief few thousand years of recorded history with which he measures his meager progress.

Since Plato first described the Lost Continent of the Atlantic twenty-five hundred years ago, more than two thousand books have been written about a legendary land that nobody has seen. There have been books to prove Atlantis, books to disprove it. Some have been by erudite scientists, others…

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Milton Friedman on John Maynard Keynes commentary

Posted by picard578 on September 7, 2014

Friedman again proved he had no idea about economics (he was actually never interested in economics per se, but in ushering a new era of utter deregularization, which would be highly profitable for capitalists, regardless of consequences for the economy – his father was a capitalist, and Friedman never forgot the problems he had with workers’ unions). “Prosperity” of the 1920s is what *caused* the Great Depression, because too much wealth was accumulated in too few hands. Since economy is about flow of money, it is normal that accumulation of wealth in hands of the rich harmed the economy and caused the depression. Another cause was financial deregulation, in particular deregulation of credit and installment buying and stock markets.

Inflation is not a problem as long as it does not go out of control (that is, hyperinflation), since normal inflation rates (in single-digit and low double-digit percentages) are too low to be actually noticed by the general populace. Even high double-digit inflation rates are manageable.

Another cause of problem is when economy varies too much, since people then loose faith in the system. That is where government comes in – it has to siphon off (reduce) the economic growth and accumulate funds so as to have money avaliable with which to prop up the economy in times of the economic recession. Government is the only body which *can* do that, since individuals will act along their basic instinct and will, in times of recession, reduce spending – thus harming the economy unless additional source of economic activity can be found. That source is the Government. Likewise, individual will increase spending in times of growth, thus fuelling the growth but also increasing problems once recession hits. As it can be seen, market, if left to itself, has tendency towards increasing the amplitude (magnitude of oscillations) – which in the long run is bad for the economy. It is duty of the government to reduce that amplitude and, in doing so, reinforce faith of people in the system, which in turn promotes the economic growth.

But of course, it is entirely possible that Friedman knew all of that – it’s just that Friedman was never one to let facts stand in the way of the ideology.

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Obama, Neo-Con

Posted by picard578 on August 4, 2014

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

About this title: Obama enabled maximally prominent Neo-Cons to represent and govern the USA. When I asked Silicon Valley cognoscenti what it meant for a supposedly “democratic” presidency to nominate maximally prominent neofascists, I was told: “They represent the HIDDEN government of the USA.”

For years it was incorrect to point out that emperor Obama had no clothes, that all he had was playing with his brown skin. That observation was called racist. Yet, it has been made recently, loud and clear, by leftists of renown: president Obama has been incompetent, and a sell-out. As Thomas Frank puts it in Salon:

“Right-wing obstruction could have been fought: An ineffective and gutless presidency’s legacy is failure.

Yes, we know, the crazy House. But we were promised hope and change on big issues. We got no vision and less action.”

Change? Skin Color Change? Skin Color

Within days of Obama’s accession to power, banks were given public…

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Truth which is not known in Croatia

Posted by picard578 on May 8, 2013

(gotten by e-mail)

Slovenian truck driver told somewhere on TV that he works 16 to 18 hours a day for basic pay, with no paid overtime, no paid hot meal. If he tries to protest, his boss would discharge him and send him to employment office, and take Romanian who would drive at half the pay, but boss also says that it is great in EU since he buys a new truck every month.

Bulgarian (business partner) says that Bulgaria lived from exporting fruits and vegetables, and now they import everything from EU, while state is becoming ever more indebted.

Hungarians tell how they became paid employees in (until recently their own) vineyards, beacouse French destroyed them with low prices and then bought all vineyards for low price, once Hungarians couldn’t return debts any more. Now, most famous Hungarian vineyards (Tokajac) are English-owned.

In Checzh Republic EU forced owners of sugar refineries to close their factoreis, while workers ended up unemployed, because EU has too much of sugar – and it has too much of sugar because it imports it from Cuba, due to larger profit made on it.

Due to overstepping Kyoto quotes, Germany moved large part of dirty industry into Checzh Republic. Only man able to add up two and two together was Checzh president Klaus, who says that entering EU was complete mistake and does not allow EU flag to be displayed on his residency.

Last year in February, it was mentioned on news that, in Hungary, citizens started protests and moved towards building of parlamient – police made barricades, and – nothing. After that short report, there was no mention of Hungary in Croatian news – obviously, Parliamentary Commision for Information had already reacted. But, as writer of this article was told by Hungarians he met – there are ALWAYS some demonstrations in EU. And where is there democracy, where is the freedom of press?

If such news were ever to be shows, there would be 90% of citizens against EU, not 50% – but in the end, there will be no voting on entering EU, beacouse Parliament will change law (as it already did, reducing the quote required to enter EU from absolute majority of all voters to relative majority of voters who actually voted – note by translator), so that Parliament will decide on best outcome instead of people, and that is entrance into EU, because they know that chances of people voting for EU are quite low.

Same thing happened in Netherlands and Slovenia, when they realized that people are against entering EU – when people protested due to lack of referendum, answer was: “You voted for our party, which had entrance into EU in program, and we are only fullfilling our promises.” (Situation in Croatia is that we have two major parties, both of which are trying their hardest to kiss up EU’s proverbial ass, up to and including entrance into EU, and many minor parties which, all put together, have allegiance of less than 30% of voting body. To make matters worse, many of them are in coalition with one of main parties – note by translator). Also, why Constitution of EU didn’t pass in France and Netherlands, why they ran to Lisabonian accord, why is it accepted by parlamients and not given on referendum? Beacouse it would pass as it did in Ireland, and we know how it passed there (it did not).

Are our politicians aware of what they are doing to this people? Are they aware that, after entering EU, any and all remaining goods will quickly pass into ownership of world mafia, and that our people will be slaves? They are not aware that, when owner pays tax on income, rest of profit goes to the world mafia, and that we will be cheap workforce, better said – slaves. They are not aware that, when owner pays tax on profit, rest of profit goes outside of Croatia. Only if owner is Croat, that money is re-invested back in the Croatia. I know what I’m talking about, beacouse I worked in foreign company until recently and I know how much money owner of that company took away from Croatia.

Why all of our political parties, save for some minor ones, have entrance to the EU as main goal? Only logical answer is that they have been bought, beacouse, to the EU, rich as it is and with good sense for finding gold mines, it isn’t problem to give few hundred millions of euros to our politicians, so as to make these do anything that EU asks them. To EU to give this money is same as for me to give few kunas to a beggar.

No-one cares – or sees – that main members of EU (England / UK, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Germany) were all colonial powes, that they conquered about-to-be colonies with wars, in which they killed millions and burglarized everything that could be burglarized. Everything they got with weapons, they lost same way. Now they have museums full of gold, ivory and jewelry works-of-art; but they also have traitors (those that fought for them against their own people) which are now causing them trouble (in France: Marocans, Tunese, Algerians, Maurs, etc.). (Result of that situation is that colonial powers listed above are trying to get rid of these people by dumping them into states of Central and East Europe that never had anything to do with colonialism, except being victims of same policies as homelands of these people – note by translator). London has over 50% of “colored” people, not to mention Netherlands) and are source of crime. Now they have large experience, and as such they, taught by the US, arrived to a conclusion: what is stolen by weapons, can be returned same way; but what has been bought, can only be returned same way; so, they have set out to conquer the world new way: via globalisation (That is main reason of EU cracking down on nationalism and Cazholic Church, as these are two main defenses against corporate globalism as both are putting accent on people helping each other against common foe, and preserving their freedom).

Read the little blue book of EU, called Constituation of EU, in which everything is written… And now these countries launched story about globalisation. What is hidden behind it? Globalisation is colonisation without a single bullet being fired. And we believe these four-flushers, who teach us what democracy is, what is good and what is bad, and until yesterday they were sewing death all over the world. They wiped out entire civilizations. Biggest democrates on this planet, USA, had slaves until recently, and until yesterday white people did not ride in busses alongside black people, while Republic of Dubrovnik abolished slavery in 1642., in time when USA were still British colony (USA were formed as a state in 1776) (One of less known facts about it was that Republic of Dubrovnik was first state in the world to reckognize USA independence). Now their tactics is to bring victim to its knees first (usually via financial means – that is, indebtment), and then come with coffers full of money, lawyers and contracts, so everything of value changes owner in very short time, of course for large sum of money, beacouse even king in danger of death from thirst gives a kingdom for a drop of water.

I am for the EU, but not EU with such politics, politics led by capitalists and not politicians. What kind of politics it is when capitalists, due to their greed and never-dying obsession for enrichment moved their capital to China, where worker works for 1 $ per day, and workers who made that capital are being sent to employment exchange, only for products made in China to be brought to EU and sold to their ex-workers, who are now living on social help. That way they destroyed industry of textile, shoe-making industry, started destroying wood industry, car industry etc. (Now they are trying to destroy our shipyards so as to remove main European concurention to Western-owned Korean shipbuilding industry – Croatian shipbuilding industry ranked 3rd in the world once – note of translator).

I am saying that this EU politics isn’t good, beacose it is based on capital only, and no-one cares about human beings any more. Now it isn’t enough to work on woriking days only, but on Saturday and Sunday, but only here in Croatia, while these same centers don’t work on Sunday in their mother countries (Austria, Germany).

But this politics is politics of cutting a branch of the tree they are sitting on, beacouse when 50 % of workers in the EU ends up on employment exchange, and other half ends up incapable of paying social service for first half, we’ll and up with revolution again. (…)

In Croatia, main interest of rich people in EU is. Slavonia, sources of drinking water as well as our coast along with islands. Industry is of no concern for them – they have their own industry in Korea, Vietnam, Turkey and India. Our industry, which is concurention to theirs, is only trouble for them. It has to be destroyed. As a result, they are forcing our government to destroy it – currently, shipyards are main target of attack. Our shipyards are direct concurention to Korean ones, which are in their ownership. That, they bear out with free market and protecting free market competition. Their theory is that anything that is not profitable, should be destroyed. But that rule only applied to some, althought they say that we are all equals (all pigs are equal, only some of them are more equal than others, as Orwell says), so I ask myself why they didn’t let all banks in the US and EU to collapse, beacouse, according to that theory they should have collapsed; why they give financial support to car industry, why just US alsone, in order to save its economy, sacrificed over 1 500 billion USD? Why we shouldn’t save our own economy with 2 to 3 million of USD, instead of allowing workers to end up on exchange office, where they will cost the budhet ten times more?

So we blindly trust these liars.

Maybe you’ll say that I am too harsh in my analysis. No, I’m not too harsh, I’m desperate, I can send this letter into the newspapers, but they won’t publish it.

Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, was child’s play for current propaganda managers. Ones working today are students of US agressive marketing born in consumer society. What marketing is? One definition says that consumer society created marketing, which is able to convince person to buy something that person doesn’t need, for money it doesn’t have. Meaning that person should be convinced to become as indebted as possible, beacouse it is easier to control him/her in such condition. And if person isn’t indebted to anyone, then he/she can allow him/herself many things; but if he/she is indebted, then it is easy to threaten him/her with discharge, so person remains silent; beacouse if he/she loses job, he/she will lose everything, and no-one wants to lose existence and goods he/she made by heavy work, especially if he/she has familiy to take care of, which is a shrine to any worker.

How large of liars they are, you will remember yourselves, when I remind you of promises foreign banks made. While they did not have access to Croatia, they were convicning us that interest rate will be same in Croatia as it was in their home countries – now, interest rate in Croatia is 13%, and in their home countries it is 3%. When they came in, they promised to companies that move to them from contemporary SDK, that they will do money transfers free of charge. But our firms did not fall for it, so dr. Sosic and dr. Dodan publicly spitted at SDK, calling it “communistic mastodont”, which should be abolished, beacouse nothing like that exists in rest of the world, and that business subjects should be transferred to commercial banks. Finally they brought the law that forced companies to move accounts and money into commercial banks, but at that moment no bank even thought of fullfilling the promise of free-of-charge money transfers; actually, costs of money transfers increased five times. In these same banks you can get credit for a car, truck or anything else made in West within few hours or few days; but to get credit for, say, cow farm, you have to fight several years.

Biggest mistake our government made, accoring to me, is when it signed that it will open our market to EU products and that it will sell our banks. With that move we, to use chess terminology, surrendered our Queen and Cannons to the opponent without fight. To continue with that terminology, our government is playing chess with EU while knowing only how figures move, while our opponent knows ten moves ahead, and knows how to achieve a checkmate, that is, to achieve everything they want to.

For entrance into EU, they first made us cooperate with court in Den Haag. Then we had to deliver general Gotovina, then we had to give up protected fishing area (all the while Italian fishing fleet makes more profit from our own territorial sea in a month than our own fleet in half a year – note by translator), now we’ll have to give to Slovenia 90% of what they ask and that way, little by little, we’ll find ourselves on our knees without anything. And if we stand up to bullying, they will simply ask the return of entire debt, which is now around 50 billion USD.

And what then awaits us? Only possible solution, and that is putting taxes on anything and everything, from tax on cattle for farmers, tax on excess of living area, tax on cottages, cars, tax on tax, and what will that lead to? It will lead to drastic drop in prices of real estates and to full-blown collapse of health care, educational and market systems. And now it is clear why EU insists on quick assortment of land registries.

Our ex-minister once said that Croatia is one big family, which I agree on, but question is if police and social service aver came to his small family to impose order, or he imposed it himself, so I wonder why he needs order to be made in big family of EU?

Furthermore, many free programs of EU are made up in order to prepare terrain for Day D. Such as a programme in which EU emissaries teach our lumens on how to wield public property, and for that we have to give them list of public properties with valuation. Does it tell you anything?

(text of Croatian economy expert N.N. Refused in Croatian media).

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Posted by picard578 on April 6, 2013

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