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Posted by picard578 on December 16, 2012

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

My friend Hank and I were discussing our realization that today’s population seems ignorant with respect to America’s new role as a usurper and aggressor. While agreeing on our nation’s current posture; we disagreed as to why our people let it happen.

Hank felt that the people just did not have the information to judge or the knowledge to understand the ramifications of our actions. He believed: “if people only knew the truth they would challenge our leaders.”

I, on the other hand, argued that most people DO know what our government is doing: “How could they not, the evidence is overwhelming?” I believe most Americans are satisfied with the status quo, assuming our accelerated lifestyle depends upon our doing war and skullduggery the world over. I recalled the ancient Egyptians who accumulated wealth off the backs of their Hebrew slaves, thus they ignored the captives’ plea for freedom. Even after floods, famines and plagues, their hearts were hardened; they just could not let their slaves go.

Hank and I couldn’t settle the issue. Then I remembered the movie “The Avatar.” The 2009 saga depicted a mythical conquering nation of people from the future. While unidentified, these attackers looked strangely like us. The extraterrestrial victims were The Avatar (*), very different from their human invaders in all ways. On their planet they had never warred and knew no aggression or violence. The movie depicted the military invaders, dressed just like U.S. warriors, arriving to conquer an “insurgency” (native population). The invaders’ mission: “to free the Avatar’s natural resources for the aggressors use.”

The human types killed, destroyed, tortured and bludgeoned the unarmed innocent Avatar. As I watched the film I felt like I was viewing New York Times accounts of our actions in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

While the U.S. was never mentioned, within two weeks after its premier, PEOPLE REALIZED this was our story – a modern parable. TV commentators began to share the “dirty trick” the producers had pulled in letting our badness out in the clouded form of a fiction film. Some even suggested the producers had endangered national security. Attendance at theaters vanished and within a month the movie was off to Wal-Mart, where it died a slow death.

Note: “PEOPLE REALIZED;” we DID know and DO know how badly we’re acting, but we can’t face it for fear of losing our glutted lifestyles.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both spoke and wrote extensively on the evils of slavery, but failed to rid our country of it. Both men died not freeing their slaves. They and the rest of America realized what a godless thing slavery was. But, alas, we hid in our churches, behind our trumped-up version of god, reading and singing of justice, while millions suffered before our eyes.

By 1970 we ALL knew the evil, useless, damnable thing we were doing in Viet Nam. Thousands of our family members were being killed even as we butchered and burned an innocent population; forever we will languish on the wrong side of history. Many of us demonstrated against it, yet most Americans, knowing the war was a bad thing, called protestors “traitors!” Why? Because: just like the Egyptian and American slave owners, most Americans were enjoying the rewards they were getting from the war.

Sinclair Lewis once said: “A man won’t listen if he’s doing wrong as long as he’s profiting from it.”

If Hank had been correct, my efforts to inform our people that what we are doing, in sponsoring a “Warrior Empire Nation” is wrong, and that would have born fruit by now. Unfortunately, he was not right, most of us are already aware. Therefore, my task is to confront each American, not of our ignorance, which people accept as a teacher’s task, but rather of our sinfulness which is much more painful and infuriates them.

But do remember: In a Democracy, unlike the empires of old, where regular people, like us, had no say or accountability; you and I ARE responsible and accountable for what our country does and we will pay an awful price in the end. Every once of war profit we put into our pockets is stained with blood and it dirties our soul with deadly karma! America’s aggressive combat spirit is our personal transgression – not just our rulers’.

SIDEBAR: Now here’s the BIG secret I’m not supposed to share: “WAR MONEY IS WEAK MONEY, it vanishes as fast as the dead are carried away.”
(See next months FGS)

Our struggle, to face the truth, is not helped by leaders, on all sides of this issue, who spawn denial as a way to keep aggression alive. Last Friday, at the House of Representatives in Washington, I asked Dr Z. Brzezinski (former Sec. of State): “If the U.S. had not have pushed NATO membership for Poland, Estonia, Romania and Lithuania and had not attempted to plant a battery of missiles at Russia’s doorstep in Uzbekistan after the fall of the USSR, do you think we would have better relations with them now?” His answer: “Our actions had nothing to do with today’s bad relations.” Fortunately the other 300 people in the Caucus Room mocked his answer – they KNEW.

“Isn’t it time we ALL grow-up and muster the courage to examine our false ‘god and country’ myths, so necessary for doing war? Only a fool could suspect The Creator made us to destroy creation and each other! Let us attempt to love ourselves and all creation enough to share the world with everyone, thus stopping our quest to create a hell on earth that is destroying ALL of us.

So there you have it, the secret is out:” WE are the killers of the Avatar and obliterators of a world at peace.” Now that you know for certain, WE ARE all responsible to make it right, for ALL of us and For God’s Sake.

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