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Nobel Peace Prize farce

Posted by picard578 on October 20, 2012

There might have been time when Nobel Peace Prize meant something. Apparently, that time has passed.

This year, European Union and Barrack Obama have won it. Why, and how?

Politics, apparently, because there is nothing either of these have done to deserve it. I will list here some actions of new winners that are definetly not promoting peace:

1) Barrack Obama has actually authorized assassinations via drone strikes, despite the fact that these strikes have shown themselves to be completely unreliable, useless and unethical. Yet, drone strikes are assassinations. For better understanding of it, here is definition of assassination:

1. To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons.

2. To destroy or injure treacherously: assassinate a rival’s character.
Drone persons fit both definitions, as they are aimed at getting rid of prominent people that US do not want alive. Yet Reagan administration has outlawed assassinations, and law was never repealed.

2) US Administration is allowed to detain people without trial, and hold them that way for months – or years. Prisons such as Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib have been (and still are) very inhuman, relying on torture to break subjects, and EU “peace keepers” have used torture in Congo.

3) Both EU and US are spying their own citizens. EU has Data Retention Directive, forcing communications providers to store communications for time that goes from 6 months to 2 years. Both EU and US are also storing sensitive information about their own citizens, monitoring “abnormal behavior” and political beliefs of citizens, keeping people promoting “radical messages” under surveillance, monitoring conversations of private citizens via microphones hidden in public environments, spying on their own citizens with drones, and undertaking biometric cataloguization of citizens.

4) EU is a fascistic empire in forming, and US already is one. In EU, new laws are passed in order to destroy nation-states and merge them into US-esque empire, giving police and secret services rights that US equivalents already got after 9/11 attacks.

5) Both EU and US have failed to do anything about 1991-1995 war in Croatia, until 1995 when US provided surveillance drones to Croatian military. EU had done nothing at all.

6) Both EU and US have been supporting dictators when it suited them – EU has sold Gadaffi €300 million in weapons and weapons lincenses. Meanwhile, United States have been busy – since 1945 – destroying democracy in Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Chile (1973), Colombia (1988-2003), Panama (1989); and overthrowing very not tyrannical Mohammad Gadaffi, under whose regime people had free health care and various other benefits – latest endeavour has been done by EU and US helping insurgents (“help” being “bombing crap out of Lybian civilians).

7) Both EU and US have arms exports going in hundreds of billions of US dollars per year. As armaments have to be expended, exporting weapons in large quantities means exporting war. Actually, Libya was more of a marketing campaign between Dassault and Eurofighter than anything else.

8) In 1990s, EU fishers have destroyed fish stocks off Horn of Africa (and are seeking to do the same thing in Adriatic, forcing Croatia do abandon protected economic-ecological zone in Adriatic, aimed at protecting Croatian fishing stocks). As a result, fishers had to resort to piracy, a problem EU and US are “solving” by sending full-fledged destroyers and frigattes.

9) Thanks to Euro currency, Red Cross is now handing out food parcels in Spain.

10) Both countries have, thanks to their libertarian economic policies coupled with expensive health care system (and subsidies to fast food and armaments companies), collapsing economies – which, of course, means riots on the streets, regularly countered by police using brutal beatings (sometimes with lethal results) and tear gas.

11) It was NATO which helped prevent World War III. EU, meanwhile, is an empire designed to destroy concept of nation-state – concept of nation, even – and bring about a new Roman Empire. Old Roman Empire had made a genocide integral part of its foreign policy, and even if EU does not do that, it is already clear that it had made culturocide part of its own foreign policy. Yet it was nation-state that has proven most stable environment for cultural and social advancements as well as for democracy; all large wars have been started by empires. Patriotism can actually be extremely useful for creating peace, as long as people are taught to respect other nations and cultures, because it teaches people how to accept a community as integral part of life.

12) In Europe, no-one asks people for anything. Attitude is basically “you have chosen to enter EU (after ridiculously one-sided propaganda and God knows how many referendums), “now you have to follow everything European bureocracy (whom you did not vote for) says”. No one voted for Euro. No one voted for EU as-it-is. Organism that has executive power (European Comission) is not elected; and Parliament, which is elected, has no powers at all – any declaration or law by Parliament can be refused ratification by Comission, and returned on reworking until Comission gets version it wants.

Behavior I have described fits “tyrannical empire” label far better than “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” one. Oh, and when we check list of past Nobel Peace Prize winners and nominees, we find Joseph Stalin (who has killed far more people than Hitler or Mao Ze Dong, and has actually tried to wipe out an entire nation, as Hitler had tried with Jews). That should put an end at discussion how much Nobel Prize is worth.

Seriously, I pay more money for bread I eat than Nobel Peace Prize is actually worth. Maybe 1,2 million USD prize was meant as a way to help EU and US sanate their falling-apart economies, whose main purpose is to shift wealth to small number of capitalists?

As Jose Manuel Barosso says that Prize had “been awarded to all 500 million EU citizens“, I cannot help but laugh, seeing as EU is a corporate empire run by “democratic” institution that is not even directly chosen by people of Europe. And when empires fall – and they always do – fall is regularly chaotic, followed by wars and suffering. I fail to see how either US or EU can be exception to that rule.

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